"Riding my bicycle to rehearsal"

I’m working up a bigger post about the place of the part-time/semi-pro performer in the world. In the meantime, another quote from a recently deceased celebrity, this from Andrew O’Hehir’s assessment of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Salon:

Hoffman was always reticent with the press, found it difficult to describe how he did his work, and obviously didn’t love doing interviews. Ingeniously enough, someone got him talking about the reasons for that. He had never imagined becoming a movie actor, he explained, and didn’t feel comfortable with the entire publicity machinery around the film business. “I always thought I’d be a New York theater actor, riding my bicycle to rehearsal,” he said. “That was all I ever wanted.” Maybe someone would recognize him once in a while at the grocery store, and tell him, “Oh! I loved you in that Chekhov play!”