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Part-timer love

Few professional musicians, of course, make a living performing. A lot of my colleagues teach private lessons or instruct at the primary, secondary, or university level (and sometimes all of them); others are music critics or music librarians or music administrators. Then there’s my crowd, the people with a whole other non-musical career. I hold body and soul together, and work my left brain out between engagements, working as a software developer and data analyst here in Washington. It is a challenging balance to maintain, but it is rarely boring. The Washington Post printed a nice glimpse into the life with its feature this week on my friend and colleague Jason Rylander, a Baroque-specialist tenor whose other career is in the law (and not only the law, but one of those cool jobs you thought only existed in the movies). Reading his dossier, I feel positively slothful.

Also in the Post this week, a review of Cantate’s Curlew River. I’m immensely proud of my part in this production.