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Dying is easy

Lesson #1 learned (or at least reinforced) from doing Gallantry, which closed out its five-performance run at the Capital Fringe this evening: If you don’t keep up your energy during the non-funny bits, the funny bits fall flat. Lesson #2: Timing, concentration, and commitment to acting seriously within a silly universe require a lot of effort, even for just half an hour. As a rule it takes me forever to internalize any principle of the stage, so watching my castmates Emily Casey, Tad Czyzewski, and Rebecca Stugart cutting up in rehearsal as though they were born to it was as awe-inspiring as it was gratifying.

I’ve never been in such a copiously reviewed show before. I’m not immune to praise or censure (and we got some of each for Gallantry), but the most gratifying reviews, for me, are the ones in which the reviewer clearly got what the performers were trying to do.

Thanks to Jay and Gregg at OperAlterna for taking me on. And thanks to everyone who showed up! I love the opportunity, at Fringe, to mingle with audiences and even get to know some familiar faces year after year.

In other news, one event that’s not on the official list until I have received an official date is at the Kennedy Center’s Page to Stage festival, over Labor Day weekend. Rachel and I will be among the five singers presenting excerpts of Andrew Earle Simpson’s work in progress, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, based on Bret Harte’s story.


Did that just happen?

Trouble in Tahiti was over way too quickly. Thanks to Evan Solomon, Tim McLoraine, and Richard Scerbo at Inscape for making it happen, and my fellow cast members (Tanya Ruth, David Dickey, Brendan Kennedy, and Brittany Baratz) for making it so much fun.

Without any gigs planned for the summer, I thought I’d be able spend a couple of months at my own pace: give one or two auditions, learn some new repertoire, try some different things technically, do some promotional recordings. But last week a call came in, and now instead of taking it easy I’ll be playing my third consecutive Capital Fringe.

This weekend, though, I’ll be unwinding from Tahiti on a long bike ride with friends in a lovely part of West Virginia. I got into biking after leaving grad school and coming back to Washington in my mid-twenties: it seemed like just a practical way to get around and get some exercise at the same time. But I soon discovered that being a bicyclist entails a particular mixture of obsessive tinkering, sheer physical effort, and the occasional ecstatic rush that reminded me a whole lot of singing. I’ve been hooked ever since.